Extreme couponing canada tip: Things That You Should Never Pay For

There are certain items that you can always get for free with coupons if you follow the extreme couponing tips on this site. Well maybe not ALL the time but with the sales cycles rotating every 2-4 months and high value coupons for these items you’re bound to get these for free at some point, so when you do, stock up! Here are some items that I personally NEVER pay for and you shouldn’t either!

  • Toothpaste- There are always coupons for toothpaste out in circulation, whether it be from in store or online or from your dentist’s office. Smaller tubes often go on sale for ~$1 so with a $1 coupon, FREE!
  • Toothbrushes- Same deal with the toothpaste. These will often go on sale for $1 and there are constantly $1 coupons out so it’s free! Plus with the average toothbrush needing to be changed every 3 months and a dentist’s appointment every 6 months, you’ll be set!
  • Shaving cream- Currently there are high value coupons in the p&g brandsaver flyer and p&g coupons online that will give you $5 off when you purchase 3 gillette products, this includes shaving creams for both men and women! This is just an example, but there are constantly coupons that can be used for these products that will make it dirt cheap or free!
  • Deodorant- Sticks of deodorant will often go on sale for $2 or less, and paired with coupons similar to the shaving cream deal, your deodorant will be free!
  • Feminine hygiene products- Pads, tampons, pantyliners? Yup, all free! I personally hate paying for anything that is a one-use then throw away type of thing, and I think the manufacturers understand that the prices of these items add up so there are coupons out all the time. Notably, stayfree pads and carefree liners always issue high value coupons that allow you to get the items for free with a sale price.
  • Over the counter pain medication (advil, tylenol)- Advil and tylenol does not have to purchased in bottles of 100 to get the most for your money. You know those little bottles of 10 or 20 pills? Those are cheaper, AND free with coupons. That bottle of 10 count advil on sale for $4? Check your $4 coupon for size restrictions. Often they won’t have any and it’ll be yours for free!
  • Aerosols/household smellies- Do you use glade aerosols for your washroom? Have any candles at home? These are items that go on sale for $1, $2 all the time and can be paired with coupons to keep your house smelling fantastic, without costing you!

Have a read over our other extreme couponing canada tips to ensure you’re well prepared to maximize your savings during every shopping trip!


  1. I’ve seen coupons for these items before, but where are you getting multiple coupons. Even when I go on line to various coupon sites they limit one per month or so.

    • Tanya

      Hi Pauline,

      Fortunately, you can also find coupons for these products many other ways than just through mailouts. When I see a tear pad coupon in store for a product that I use, I grab a couple and save them to use during a sale. There are also some printable coupons that are offered by company websites, many will let you print out multiples.

      As for coupons that come in newspaper inserts, I grab some extra inserts from family, friends, the recycling bin or buy an extra paper.
      You can use multiple coupons if the coupons do not have wording such as “limit one coupon per transaction or limit one coupon per customer”. If you need any tips on where you can get more coupons, visit the Canadian coupons drop down section of this site.

      Happy savings!

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