Extreme Couponing Canada: Thursday Walmart shopping!

extreme couponing canada

With Walmart’s new (and amazing!) coupon policy, I was able to get all of these items for only $1.52 including taxes! Extreme couponing canada? I think so! The Olay was given to a couple of my girlfriend’s that stopped by today and the gillette has already been added to my donation pile for the local food bank. Check out your local food bank’s website for items they accept. There is constantly a shortage of donations of health/beauty items and baby items, so they really appreciate these!

So, the shopping trip:

2 x Aero 4 pack bars $2.50 – 1 scop = $2.50
12 x Gillette shaving cream $1.27 – (4) $5 WUB 3 gillette coupon = +$4.76
4 x Olay lotion $1.57 – (2) $5 WUB 2 olay coupon= +$3.72
1 x betty crocker frosting $1.25- $1.00coupon= $0.25
4 x snickers bars $0.58 – (2) BOGO free coupons = $1.16
1 x baking pans 5 pk $1.78
1 x shrimp crackers $0.84

Subtotal: $ 32.71
Tax:  $3.47
Coupons used: 32.16 + $2.80 SCOP
Total paid: $1.52


  1. Hi, I a new fan :) great job! Can u pls tell me where u got cpns 4 Aero 4 pks & if these r still available?

    • Tanya

      Hi Julie, glad to have you :)

      No coupons for the aero bars unfortunately, but I did get one pack for free with the scanning code of practice. If you’re not familiar with the policy see my post here scanning code of practice. I always double check my receipts before leaving the store to make sure everything scanned in properly!

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