Extreme Couponing Canada Today= FREE day at London Drugs

extreme couponing canada

As I mentioned in some previous posts, the London Drugs coupon policy is amazing. You can apply more than one coupon to a product as long as your coupons do not state restrictions on them, and have different UPC codes. So, through stacking coupons I was able to get 60 cans of cloverleaf flavored tuna for FREE!! Luckily for me, they had hundreds of cans in stock. If you’re wondering, this isn’t all for me. I buy for 2 households :) I actually had some extra coupons, as I was only planning on getting 60 cans and I had a wonderful chat with the CSR while she was putting through my transaction so I gave her a stack of coupons so she could get 12 for free as well.  I love when coupon shops go so smoothly.

So the trip:

60 x cloverleaf tuna $0.99 – $59.40 coupons = FREE
Subtotal: $59.40
Tax : $0
Coupons used: $59.40
Total Paid: $0, didn’t even have to take out my wallet

And for the skeptics…

extreme couponing canada

Extreme couponing in Canada IS possible!


  1. Would love to find coupons that would allow me to do that. I’ve never seen tuna coupons where I live. Were they from newspaper inserts? I still haven’t figured out when they go out in the only paper that I know carries them here.

    I’ve heard whisperings of LD changing their coupon policy. Please keep us updated should this happen. Thank you for your site, it’s a treasure trove of info for this newbie to couponing.

    • Tanya

      Hi Teona,

      Thank you so much for the kind comments :)

      These particular tuna coupons were from 2 separate issues of smartsource coupons out in grocery stores across canada. I just saved them and waited for a great sale. If you live close to a Metro, safeway, save on foods, IGA or zellers to name a few, they have manufacturer tearpads there will new coupons every month.

      There is always talk about LD altering their current coupon policy, but the biggest change to LD stacking recently wasn’t through a change in policy but the change in wording of the p&g coupons. I will definitely keep you updated if I hear any definitive changes to the policy.

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