Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping at Save on Foods, No Frills and Zellers, $33 Paid for $214 Worth of Items

extreme couponing canada

Today was a rather large shopping trip day! I picked up items for myself and for Operation Christmas Donation 2011.

I did start off the day by picking up a the blockbuster deal at Old Navy in the wee hours this morning. Purchased 2 sweaters and received the free camera!

The staff were doing some fun activities and giving out bonus dollar coupons to customers in the checkout line. You got a coupon if you were able to present them with a random object they asked for, for example an Ontario driver’s license, US money, chapstick. I was able to get a hold of one when they asked if anyone had a “real calculator, not the kind on your phone!”. When couponing, I carry a calculator EVERYWHERE! :)

Then after breakfast and a quick nap I headed on over to Save on Foods to do some stacking as I found a few more Ritz Munchables coupons stashed away in my binder.

At Save on Foods I picked up:

3 x Delissio Pizza 2/$10 – (3) $2 coupons from Nestea canisters and (3) $2 coupons from Nestle chocolate boxes = $1 each
4 x Ritz Munchables 2/$4 – (4) $0.75 coupons from tearpads (N/A anymore) – $5 WUB 5 Kraft instore coupon = $0.25 each
3 x Ritz crackers 2/$4 – $5 WUB 5 Kraft instore coupon = $1 each
3 x Rice thins crackers 2/$4 – (3) $0.75 coupons from tearpads (N/A anymore) + above Kraft Coupons = $0.25 each

Subtotal: $35
Coupons used: $27.25
Total paid: $7.75

After Save on Foods I headed over to No Frills for cheap tomato sauce and fish fillets! Was very pleased to find an entire freezer section full of the Bluewater fillets!


extreme couponing canada

No Frills Breakdown:

8 x Bluewater fish fillets $2 – (8) $1 coupons from previous Redplum insert = $1 each!
4 x Hunts tomato sauce $1 – (2) $1 WUB 2 coupons from coupon booklets, N/A anymore = $0.50 each
2 x Hunts thick & Rich tomato sauce $1 – (2)$1 WUB Hunts tomato sauce and tomato paste from tearpads, N/A anymore= $0.50 each
2 x Hunts tomato paste $1 – coupons used with tomato sauce above = $0.50 each

Subtotal: $24
Coupons used: $12
Total paid: $12

Lastly, I headed over to Zellers to pick up some deals using their Facebook Printable Coupon for $10 off when you spend $40 or more. The ultra and fibreguard bleaches are on sale for 2/$5 this week and can be used with the $1 Clorox bleach coupon from inserts a while back!

The regular bleach goes on sale for less, but the coupon is only valid on the more expensive bleaches and with the Facebook coupon I figured now is a better time then any to stock up.

extreme couponing canada


Here’s the Zeller’s Breakdown:

10 x Clorox Bleach 2/$5 Р(10) $1 coupons from previous insert, N/A anymore  = $1.50 each
8 x Dawn dish soap $1 – (4) $1 WUB 2 coupons from brandsaver, N/A anymore = $0.50 each
Sprite 2L – FPC from previous icoke contest = FREE
3 x Premium plus crackers $1.99 – (3) $0.75 coupons from previous tearpads, N/A anymore = $1.24
Airwick scented oil kit $4.99 – $3 coupon from smartsource.ca = $1.99

Subtotal: $46.19
SPC discount: $4.62
Taxes: $4.35
Coupons used: $32.44 (1 extra $1 coupon rang in by mistake)
Total paid: $13.48 + earned 22000 points worth just over $2.50 in HBC gift cards.

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Retail value of all goods: $214.06
Price after sales: $105.19
Coupons used: $71.69 + $4.62 SPC discount
Total paid: $33.23

Savings based on sale prices: 68%
Savings based on retail prices: 84%

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