Extreme Couponing Canada Walmart and Rexall Shopping Trip, 80% coupon savings, 90% off regular price

extreme couponing canada

I was very excited for today’s Extreme Couponing Canada shopping trip when I saw the Walmart flyer earlier this week. Both my Clorox and smart coupons expire this month on the 18th, so I’m so glad a great sale came around in time to use them! The Alymer Accents I meant to get last week when they were on sale, but completely forgot to grab them while I was there so when I saw a sign up for $1 this week still I grabbed 6 since I had 3 coupons! At cash they rang up as $1.97 instead of $1 so I was able to SCOP them.

The customer service rep did give me a hard time about only scop-ing one as she said they were “all the same item”. I stood my ground though and spoke to a supervisor who agreed with me that the 5 different flavours were 5 different items since they all have different UPC codes. And the gentleman behind me in line was very courteous in helping me state my point since he was also aware of the SCOP policy. Thank you, kind stranger!

Here’s the breakdown at WM:

4 x Smart pasta $1.47 – (4) $0.75 coupons from websaver.ca= $0.72 each
4 x Clorox wipes $1.47 – (4) $1 coupons from websaver.ca = $0.47 each
6 x Aylmer Accents tomatoes $1.97 – (3) $1 coupons from booklets, N/A anymore – (5) SCOP’s = FREE + $2

Subtotal: $23.58
Taxes: $0.71
Coupons used: $10
Money back from SCOP: $10.82 (5 refunds, 1 adjusted to $1)
Total paid: $3.47!!

Then off to Rexall for some cheap soap:

3 x Lever 2000 4 packs $1.49 – $1 coupons from tearpads, found in store last month = $0.49

Subtotal: $4.47
Taxes: $0.53
Coupons used: $3
Total paid: $2

Extreme Couponing Canada savings:

80% coupon and SCOP savings off sale prices today.
90% savings based on regular prices.


  1. WOW….That sums up all I can say pretty much. Thats a great deal!!

  2. How do you use more than 1 coupon, example, the Clorox wipes as now all the coupons state one per customer, one redemption per purchase.

  3. Hope there’s a great coupon and promo like this one on the upcoming Holiday. Great savings for gifts : )

  4. SCOP them? I thought you could only SCOP 1 and the others would be rang in at the correct price.

    • Tanya

      Hi Barbara,
      In this case since they cans are all different flavors and have different UPC codes, you can SCOP one of each type. You can only SCOP the 1st item on identical item purchases.

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