Extreme Couponing Canada: Using up some FPC’s and getting great deals! $3.34 paid for $120+ worth of items

extreme couponing canada

This was a multi store trip. Went to Shoppers Drug mart for the toothpaste BOGO deal then headed to Real Canadian Superstore to pick up the Dove gift basket on clearance and finished off at Save On Foods picking up the nestea green tea (they were out at RCSS). All of the coupons used today were free product coupons, which is rare for me to do all in one trip but some of them were close to expiry so I figured hey, why not!

First stop: Shoppers Drug Mart

20 x Crest Pro Health toothpaste $3.49 – BOGO instore – (10) FPC’s from dentist’s office = FREE

Subtotal: $34.90
Taxes: $0, FPC put in with code 2002 = no taxes!
Coupons used: $34.90
Total paid: $0!

Next stop: Real Canadian Superstore

2 x Nesquik chocolate milk $2.99 – (2) FPC’s from a company promo a few months ago = FREE
Dove basket set $7.44 – FPC from the company, for a complaint (hairspray nozzle was jammed and would not spray!) = FREE

Subtotal: $13.42
Taxes: $0.89
Coupons used: $13.42
Total paid: $0.89

Last stop: Save on Foods

Bananas $2.40 – FPC (max $1.69 from back of fruit loops cereal, no longer available) = $0.71
Nestea green tea $4.99 – FPC from icoke contest = FREE
Nestea zero $4.99 – FPC from icoke contest = FREE
Nestea iced tea mix $6.99 – FPC from rubbermaid pitcher = FREE

Subtotal: $19.37
Taxes, recycling fees and deposits: $1.74
Coupons used:$18.66
Total paid: $2.45

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

98% savings on this trip since I used all FPC’s and only paid a bit on the bananas.

All in all I paid $3.34 for everything pictured.

Free product coupons are a great way to get products you regularly use or would like to try. Pay attention to promotions offered by companies, FPC’s on the packaging of other items, ask for coupons at your health professional’s office and don’t be hesitant to let a company know if you’re not satisfied with one of their products, or absolutely love their products!

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  1. :O!! Seeing your toothpaste pile makes me wanna go to the dentist (or find a new one!) just for the coupons….. Sigh. What an awesome trip… One day, Tanya, I will do what you do. LOL

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