Wagjag Deal: $7 for $15 Towards Freshly Baked Goods at McGavin’s Bread Basket

mcgavins wagjag

There is a fantastic deal on Wagjag right now for McGavin’s Bread Basket! Long time readers of this blog might know how much I love McGavins!

If you’re on the west coast of Canada, McGavin’s is a great place to pick up all of your baked goods as prices are much lower than supermarkets and there are always coupons in the Entertainment book.

There are 41 locations to choose from with this voucher. Make sure to check the discounted breads, as they go for $1.39 or 10 items for $12 and they’re often marked down with 4, 5 days still left to go before they’re best before date! Bread also freezes very well!

Click here to checkout this Wagjag Deal

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