Extreme Couponing Canada Walmart And Safeway Shopping – 251 Airmiles earned worth about $28!

extreme couponing canada

This shopping trip was actually from Thursday. I meant to post this earlier but got so busy this weekend, this one slipped through. Nevertheless here it is! For anyone interested in picking up some Ziploc bags, they’re $0.99 for the same sized boxes at No Frills this week.

The airwick at Safeway was BOGO in store and free with a BOGO coupon which some stores/managers will allow but it’s really a hit or miss. I checked with CS first and they allowed it. In this sense, the store pays for one with the instore BOGO, the manufacturer pays the other one, and they’re both free to you.

Walmart breakdown:

2 x Delissio pizza $3.97 – (2) $2 coupons from nestea canisters = $1.97 each
Lysol Wipes (BOGO pack) $2
8 x Ziploc sandwich bags $0.98 – (4) $2 WUB 2 coupons from websaver.ca (no restrictions on these ones) = FREE + $0.16

Subtotal: $17.78
Taxes: $1.18
Coupons used: $12
Total paid: $6.96

Safeway breakdown:

10 x Nivea bar soap $2.54, no coupons but earned 100 airmiles for every 5 purchased so 200 aimiles
6 x Airwick Freshmatic Refill $7.49 – BOGO in store – 3 BOGO coupons from previous smartsource insert = FREE + 50 airmiles
Baguette $1.49 – 50% off  printable email coupon = $0.74
Gala apples $3.09

Subtotal: $51.70
Taxes: $5.74
Coupons used: $5 entertainment book + $23.22
Total paid: $29.22

Airmiles earned: 251 worth about $28.68 when redeemed for Shell gas certificates

We always need gas, so with that value it makes the total $0.54!

Extreme Couponing Canada breakdown:

47% saved just by shopping sale prices vs. regular prices
53% coupon savings off sale prices
90% coupon/airmiles savings


  1. Wow wish I could earn airmiles like that, took me a year to get to 250!

  2. Great deals, especially the Ziploc. Planning on going to No Frills tomorrow for some cheap ziploc bags, we go through so many here!

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