Walmart and Zellers Deals, 67% savings by Emily N.

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Another fantastic shopping trip posted by Emily! Only $17.49 out of pocket for all the items pictured, including a glade sense and spray that normally retails for over $10 regular price! Thanks for sharing your awesome savings with us Emily!

Here’s her breakdown below:

Shopping trip from Walmart & Zellers from July 22nd!
This trip was pretty much to pick up freebies, hehe! :)

2L Homo Milk: $3.67
3x Always Infinity (18 count): $14.94 ($4.98 each) – $14.94 (3x FB Freebie coupon) = $0.00
3x Gillette Trial Sized Shaving Foam: $3.81 (1.27 each) – $5 (brandsaver) = $-1.19
Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit: $9.88 – $9.88 (Complimentary coupon) = $0.00
St. Ives Facial Scrub: $3.77 – $1.00 (tearpad) = $2.77
4x Oasis Juice: $4.00 – 4x $0.50 (gocoupons) = $2.00 for 4
Alberto Hair Styling Gel: $2.50 – $1.00 (tearpad) = $1.50
Paid: $12.15
Savings: $32.82

Bick’s Baby Dill Pickles: $2.50 – $0.75 (tearpad) = $1.74
Maybelline New York One by One Mascara: $4.99 – $2.00 (websaver) = $2.99
Paid: $5.34
Savings: $2.75

Overall trip:
Paid: $17.49
Total savings: $35.57 (67%!!)

I’m reaching my goal of 70% savings on average! :D

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  1. In the April issue of All You there are 3 coupons that I’ve lekood for that have been posted as being in that issue. They are not there. Do all magazines have the same coupons or are some deleted from some? Just asking. On these coupons were mentioned for further savings, they are not there. They are: Peter Pan Peanut Butter; Hunts Ketchup; Crunch & Munch. Was that a misprint on southersavers or what? I have only just started receiving All You, and April was my first issue, was disappointed the coupons were not there. Thank you for your response to my question. Joyce

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