Extreme Couponing Canada Walmart and Zellers Deals July 17, 2011

extreme couponing canada

My green giant coupons were expiring this week and Walmart has an awesome deal on Majesta paper towels, so this week was a great time for Extreme Couponing Canada shopping!

Stopped off at Walmart first to grab the paper towels:

4 x Majesta 8 pack paper towels $2.97 – (2) $5 WUB 2 coupons from save.ca = $0.47 each
6 x Gillette Foam trial size $1.27 – (2) $5 WUB 3 from brandsaver = +$2.38

Subtotal: $19.50
Taxes: $2.34
Coupons: $20.00
Total paid: $1.84

Then headed to Zellers:

8 x green giant veggies $3.19 – (4) BOGO coupons from websaver = $1.60 each
3 x dozen eggs $2.49
2 x life cereal $2.99 – (2) FPC’s from MIR = FREE
Shreddies cereal $4.29 – FPC from facebook promo = FREE
Tropicana Juice $2.50 (clearance)

Subtotal: $45.76
SPC discount: $4.57
Coupons used: $23.03
Gift card from redeeming HBC points: $10
Total paid: $8.16

Spent exactly $10 out of pocket today for everything pictured! Everything worked out perfectly considering I only brought $10 and some change in cash. 85% coupon savings for the day!


  1. awesome! there is also another great deal at zellers though. old spice deodorant is 2 for $3. use $3 WUB2 coupon.- free!

  2. Great deals!

    I picked up the Majesta too, wish I had more coupons, that’s a great buy for sure. :)

  3. Tanya

    If I didn’t already have tons of Old Spice deodorant I would pick up that deal for sure Amanda! :P

    I wish I had more coupons too Cassie! My WM had TONS of majesta in stock and with all the potential for overage with other coupons, they could all be freee!

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