Walmart Canada Deal: Skinny Cow Novelties on Rollback for $5.97! $0.97 After Coupon

extreme couponing canada

The $5 Skinny Cow printable (Not available anymore) expires on August 15th. If you still have a few to use up, Skinny Cow novelties are on rollback at Walmart for $5.97!

Pick up a box for just $0.97.

**Some have reported seeing a rollback price of $4.97 in the east so look out for free ice cream!


  1. They are also on sale 3/$5 at Foodland near Ottawa, Ontario! We are able to PM at RCSS here :)

  2. Went to Walmart today to take advantage and they were actually $4.97 and not $5.97. Still had my coupons so I got the ice cream for FREE!

    • Tanya

      That’s great Rose :) They are $5.97 here but $4.97 out east. You guys always get the better food deals :P

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