Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping: Walmart Christmas Clearance Items! $1.97 Paid!

extreme couponing canada

Picked up some Walmart Christmas clearance items last night! I know some of you have been finding these items since the beginning of January but I had no luck until yesterday!

I think maybe these were somewhere in the back and they had just put them out because I checked this location earlier this month and nada. Glad I always carry my coupon folder with me! 2 of the Set N’ Refresh are missing from the picture, 1 was given to a friend and 1 was left in the car as a new air freshener. These are great to put on the side of the door.

Here’s the breakdown:

6 x Airwick  Freshmatic Refills $1.31 – (3) B1G1 FREE coupons from previous insert, N/A anymore = $0.65 each
9 x Febreze Set N’ Refresh Starters $0.99 – (3) $4 WUB 3 coupons from brandsaver, N/A anymore = FREE + $3.09
Glade candle refills $1 – $2 coupon from websaver, N/A anymore =  FREE + $1

Subtotal: $17.77
Taxes: $2.13
Coupons used: $17.93
Total paid: $1.97

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Retail value: $84 (Yikes!)
Sale prices: $17.77
98% off retail prices
89% off sale prices

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  1. Stores are not taking print out coupons.

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