Walmart Deal Idea: $0.17 Rice Krispies Granola Bars After $1.50 Coupon! Mar 9-15/12

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This week at Walmart Rice Krispies are on sale for $1.67! A rock bottom price as it is, BUT there’s a $1.50 coupon available on

If you already have it then great! If not, order it now and it might come in time to catch the sale! I find coupons arrive very quickly and if it doesn’t save it for a $1.99 sale which come around quite often as well.

You’ll need to refer 2 friends by enter 2 emails for the high value coupon, the regular one is for $0.75.

Click here to order this coupon


  1. I went to websaver and ordered these coupons but I can’t tell if it went through. It doesn’t show anything at all for Get My Coupons for either of these items just $0.00 instead of $1.50!?

    • Tanya

      That’s odd Carolyn, I would suggest giving it another try on a different browser window and if that doesn’t work then send an email over to webSaver. They’re great with response times

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