Extreme Couponing Canada: Zellers, Save on Foods and London Drugs deals

extreme couponing canadaGood thing these stores are all in the same mall area within walking distance of each other!! Okay, so to put things in perspective, soap and body wash are on my list of items I never pay for. I either wait for an excellent sale, or stack coupons to stock up when they are free. BUT, my Dad is just about the pickiest person ever and will only use this particular brand and type of soap! So for me, this was a great deal as we used to pay $2.50 (sale price) for each pack of 2 before I started using coupons!

First stop- Zellers

I did 3 separate transactions to use 3 HBC bonus points coupons on my and my mom’s points cards. Each transaction was:

3 x dove soap $1.99 – $4 WUB 3 Dove coupon = $1.97

Subtotal: $5.97
SPC savings: $0.60
Taxes: $0.64
Coupons used: $4
Total paid: $2.01 for 3 packs of soap!

All in all I paid $6.03 for 9 packs of soap that would have normally cost ~$25 taxes in. And I earned 50,600 HBC points. 80,000 points is equivalent to a $10 gift card. So my points earned today equal about $6.32 which makes today’s purchase free with points and coupons.

Next stop- London Drugs

This was just a quick stop to use up my sunrype coupons that were expiring today.

16 x Fruit to go $0.25 – (16) $0.30 coupons adjusted to $0.25 = FREE

But I paid taxes of $0.48. Fine by me!!

Final stop- Save on Foods

4 x Panebello frozen pizzas $3.49 – (4) $1 coupons = $9.96 (these are my dad’s favorite, today’s shopping was all about him!
4 x Ristorante frozen pizzas $3.49 – (4) $2 coupons = $5.96

Subtotal: $27.92
Taxes: 0
Coupons used: $12.00
Total paid: $15.92

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